Our Values and Culture

questCHURCH is a COME AS YOU ARE kind of church – a community of imperfect people doing life together, becoming all that God created us to be. We don’t care who you voted for, what your tax bracket may be, or what your zip code is. Whether you’ve had a relationship with God your whole life or you’re not even sure He exists, we’re glad to meet you where you are. Bring your questions, doubts, fears and hurts – no need to leave anything at the door. At quest, we focus on relevant teaching, heartfelt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care for others. Whether you’ve never been to church or are looking for a place to call home, you are welcome here. We invite you to join us for a Sunday service this week.

5 Cultural Values

1. Authentic
Religion says, “Hide”. Religion says, “Be ashamed of your failures, keep secrets.” But religion is a liar and it traps you in fear!  Jesus says, “Don’t hide. Walk in the light.”  So we look fear in the face and say, “You can’t shame me anymore.”  We are transparent about our failures and we offer that same grace to anyone who wants it
2. Accepting

Everyone is welcome at quest! We don’t care what you wear, what you drive, where you live, what doubts or questions you have, or even how messed up you think your life might be. We have a place for you…unless, of course, you’re perfect. In that case, you might not like it around here, because we’re a No-Perfect-People-Allowed kind of church.

3. Fun
Who said church had to be long, quiet, and boring? Our worship experiences aren’t your typical church services. Grab some coffee and donuts, take them into service. We’ll worship, have creative programming and receive a practical personal message that hopefully inspires you to take your next step toward God and faith. The service usually lasts around 70 minutes.
4. Relevant
We believe that knowing the bible isn’t as important as applying it! Spiritual maturity is never gauged by how much we know, but by application. Our goal is to make the truths of the Bible understandable and call people to action based on the truths we learn.  God doesn’t bless what we know, He blesses what we do!
5. Powerful

Though we strive to create a culture that’s authentic, accepting, fun, and relevant, we understand that it is the power of God that ultimately changes lives. That is why the disciplines of fasting, prayer, and dependence upon the Holy Spirit underlines all that we do.